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Overlanding: be worlds away with simple, short and local California overland trips.

Top rated at 5 stars average

Go beyond crowds with 4WD

Built like RV but on the outside

We curate best places to visit in California and scenic 4x4 routes to get there with our 4WD truck and Jeep camper rentals.

Try overlanding

Free time is the most important part of our lives. And our lives are getting more tied to screens & cities, and they continuously get busier. With (micro) overlanding trips you can escape to nature, return to simplicity of the great outdoors without driving all the way to Tierra del Fuego.

Our goal is help regular people with real lives find a better way to spend their free time. We want to help you experience overlanding in a way that's achievable by anyone, without much outdoors experience.

Curated itinerary

Detailed route for overland vehicle travel designed by our team for all levels: from novice to experienced trailblazer.

Logistics simplified

Save time researching outdoors rental and stop worrying about what to bring. We coordinate your gear list.

Vehicle delivered

Imagine a ready-to-go vehicle, packed with everything you need for your trip just show up in your driveway...


Our custom-made vehicles also allow you to go off the paved road and take the road less-travelled. On every overland journey with us you will visit the must-see highlights of the region - located in remote areas. 

Tunnel View

Spring & Winter in Yosemite

4 day trip

One of California's greatest hits. Camp nearby and head to Yosemite and High Sierras for jaw-dropping views.

overland vehicle rental california

Lost Coast

3 day trip

Wild California Adventure: a 3-day expedition along the Lost Coast from San Francisco to Usal.

Redwoods National Park overland trip


6 day trip

Magnificent Coastal Redwoods and historic towns that capture California the way it used to be.

Death Valley overlanding trip

Death Valley and 395 North

7 day trip

Discover the lands of incredible beauty: miles of deep sand dunes, canyons, and hot springs.

Bixby Bridge - Big Sur California

Big Sur

6 day trip

Wild California Adventure: San Francisco to Santa Barbara via Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and Oceano Dunes.

Yosemite winter camping

Winter camping

Top tips 

Experiencing winter wonderland in Yosemite should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

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