Overlanding gear for exploring California

Fully Equipped Overland Vehicles

Our overland 4x4 vehicles are fully equipped with roof-top tent or pop up tent, camping gear and a full kitchen. We also offer additional gear to pack your overland trip with adventure and take the comfort to next level.

210 x 130cm double bed sized roof top sleeper - tent or pop-up camper sleeps 2+ people. Bedding not included.


Included with rental

Overlanding Gear

- heavy duty tow rope

- jumper cambles

- hatchett

- saw

- shovel

- bug spray

- wet-wipes

- portable shower

- first aid kit


Included with rental

Picnic Table

Stylish bamboo plywood or stainless steel table - perfect for preparing or serving your outdoor meals.


Included with rental


- 4 soup plates

- 5 regular plates

- 4 cups

- Cutlery: 4 forks, knifes, spoons + bottle opener and can opener

- 2 pots + mesh strainer

- 1 frying pan

- Coffee percolator

- 3 different size cutting boards


Included with rental

Camp Chairs

2 chairs included with rental and you can include additional chairs for all people in your party (up to 4).

$0 for 2 chairs

$15/each for extra


Bedding Kit

Bedding kit for one person.

For 2 people rent two kits.

- 1 pillow

- 1 sleeping bag rated for 20F

- 1 fitted sheet


Roof Rack

Perfect for carrying water toys like kayaks or surf boards on top of the GFC camper and tent equipped Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.



Camping is not complete without a campfire. Our oak firewood is dense and seasoned, it is perfect for long burning fires to keep you warm.


Satellite Messenger

Stay in touch with loved ones even without cellular reception. Unlimited text messages via Iridium satellite network. Access to SOS services. Requires Garmin Earthmate app.


Fire & Grill

Our Fire & Grill made of stainless steel will be the centerpiece of gatherings in the campfield. Packable, portable and modular. 


Surf Rack

Transport your surfboards easily with these rack pads with upper padding and a sleek hook-and-loop closure holding them in place. 


Bike Rack

Installs in a tow hitch behind the vehicle and carries 2 road or mountain bikes. Comes with a lock to keep your bikes secure. Bikes not included.


Tire traction Mats

Traction mats / recovery boards for vehicle tire grip in mud, snow, and sand. They are also usable as foldable leveling blocks.


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Our Story

Our first exposure with overlanding happened at the same time we met each other, 12 years ago in Cape Town - South Africa, which was also the end destination of many overland adventurers traveling across Africa. 

We always had a passion for the outdoors, constantly looking for new ways to explore the world. Nature and adventure are a big part of our life either through hiking, mountainbiking, skiing, surfing, snowmobiling... Read more




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