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Overlanding gear for exploring California

Fully Equipped Overland Vehicles

Our overland 4x4 vehicles are fully equipped with roof-top tent or pop up tent, camping gear and a full kitchen. We also offer additional gear to pack your overland trip with adventure and take the comfort to next level.

Roof Top Tent

210 x 130cm double bed sized roof top sleeper - tent or pop-up camper sleeps 2+ people. Bedding not included.


Included with rental

Overland gear

Overlanding Gear

- heavy duty tow rope

- jumper cambles

- hatchett

- saw

- shovel

- bug spray

- wet-wipes

- portable shower

- first aid kit


Included with rental

Overeland Gear

Picnic Table

Stylish bamboo plywood or stainless steel table - perfect for preparing or serving your outdoor meals.


Included with rental

Overland Kitchen


- 4 soup plates

- 5 regular plates

- 4 cups

- Cutlery: 4 forks, knifes, spoons + bottle opener and can opener

- 2 pots + mesh strainer

- 1 frying pan

- Coffee percolator

- 3 different size cutting boards


Included with rental

Camping furniture camp campfire

Camp Chairs

2 chairs included with rental and you can include additional chairs for all people in your party (up to 4).

$0 for 2 chairs

Included with rental



Bedding Kit



Fire & Grill


BF - CO -84.jpg

Tire Repair Kit



Satellite Messenger



Tire traction Mats



Air Compressor (Tire inflation) ARB 12V


Free Style Mountain Bike

Bike Rack


Fire Wood




Snow Chains


Sleeping Bag
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