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Our overlanding story 

Established in 2019

Hi there! 


We are Marie & Ben, the proud new owners of Cypress Overland. 


Originally from France and Belgium, we moved to the United States in 2014 and after 6 years on the East Coast, we moved to our dream land: California.


Our first exposure with overlanding happened at the same time we met each other, 12 years ago in Cape Town - South Africa, which was also the end destination of many overland adventurers traveling across Africa. 


We always had a passion for the outdoors, constantly looking for new ways to explore the world. Nature and adventure are a big part of our life either through hiking, mountainbiking, skiing, surfing, snowmobiling…


Last summer we packed our things and we crossed the country, renting a Jeep Rubicon from Cypress Overland owned by Alex and Dmitri at the time. We felt in love with the car and with the concept of overlanding.  Fate would have it that they were looking for someone to take over Cypress Overland. 


We believe the West Coast is the perfect place to experience overlanding in our iconic 4x4 expedition vehicles and we can’t wait to share these experiences with you. 


Imagine waking up on the beach to go surfing, crossing the desert with no one around for miles, hiking in the Redwood forests, chilling by the campfire and sleeping in a rooftop tent under the stars.


We can’t wait to meet you and share our passion!

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