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Overland vehicle rental for exploring California.

We're working on your quote and route. We will reach out shortly.

Top rated at 5 stars average

Go beyond crowds with 4WD

Built like RV but on the outside

Our vehicles have all of the amenities of RV campervans: comfortable rooftop sleeper, fully equipped kitchen, fridge/freezer, and camping furniture. 

Our overland campers

What's included with rental

Experience freedom to get off the beaten track with our customized 4x4 Jeeps, SUVs and Trucks. It may be a 4-day journey across gravel roads in Yosemite and High Sierras; taking on the vast off-roading potential of California, or perhaps a trip across Death Valley - this ability to go beyond the tourist infrastructure is a major highlight of overlanding.

While you're able to camp in the middle of nowhere, you will not be roughing it. Our overland vehicle rentals come with highest quality gear. 

Sleeping Area

Roof top tent or popup camper with 3" mattress, optional ground tent

Kitchen Setup

Dual burner stove and 6lb propane, electric fridge or Yeti cooler

Camping Gear

Table, 2 foldable chairs, 2 headlamps and spare batteries


2 knives, can + bottle openers, silverware for 4, cooking utensil set


First aid kit, 5gal water canister, hatchet, saw, shovel, recovery strap

Cookware Set

Large pot, medium pot, percolator, frying pan, 3 cutting boards, 4 cups

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