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Escape Campervans vs Cypress Overland

Overland rental california

We often get asked this question: how is Cypress Overland different from Escape Campervans? 

There are many variables to choose from when picking a camper van rental. First is: how far do you want to go? Do you want to stay in campgrounds or get off the beaten path and into the wilderness, away from people? Will the road require a capable vehicle like Jeep Rubicon or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro or will a regular 2 wheel drive be enough? 

Dispersed camping Yosemite

Max M. and Mel J., San Francisco, California

Yosemite National Park  

"I can't recommend Cypress Overland enough. From start to finish we received the most amazing service. Alex helped us prepare for and plan our trip by answering all our questions and being responsive when we had questions during our trip. The vehicle was a dream to drive, the tent was super easy to get ready and they provided all essential equipment: cooler, table, kitchen. We're already planning our 2nd trips with Cypress" 

Overland adventure Lost Coast

Octavian N. and Alexia N., Romania and Washington, DC

Lost Coast itinerary - Northern California 

"My daughter and I rented the Jeep Rubicon for 4 days - we were very pleased with the high quality of the vehicle. We also really appreciated the interaction prior with and during the trip with Alex who owns and managed the business. She was very helpful in planning our itinerary, places to camp, what to see and where to eat. We really enjoyed our NorCal roadtrip and we plan to come back this year for the Yosemite Park and Death Valley with Cypress Overland"

Mileage allowance: 

Escape Campervans: no miles included with rental; extra $245 for 200 miles/day
Cypress Overland: 150 miles a day, with .35 cents per each additional mile 


Escape Campervans: no kitchen gear included with the rental; $40 extra for kitchen supplies 
Cypress Overland: included with each rental - field kitchen included with dual burner stove, cutlery, cups, plates, pots, pans, coffee maker, 2 cutting boards, bottle and can openers plus propane tank 

4W Drive: 

Escape Campervans: regular 2W drive 
Cypress Overland: the most capable off-road vehicle with 4H and 4L gears 

Standard Daily Rate: 

Escape Campervans: $150/day
Cypress Overland: $130-190/day

Awning (canopy sunshade):

Escape Campervans: no awning included; $60 extra
Cypress Overland: Awning included in the Jeep and Tacoma rentals 

Camping furniture: 

Escape Campervans: not included; $30 extra for table & $14 extra for chairs
Cypress Overland: 1 table and 2 chairs included with every rental 

Rooftop tent camping.jpg

Why choose Cypress Overland and Overlanding instead of campervans? 

  • Go Anywhere! - the beauty of the overland vehicle rental is its 4x4 capability. Gravel and dirt roads are only fun if you can navigate them safely and without the constant fear of getting stuck. That's why our fleet consists of the most reliable and fun off-road vehicles on the market, like Jeep Rubicon, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and Toyota FJ Cruiser. Most campervans don't have 4WD and will typically lead you to.. campgrounds. 

  • Transparent pricing - we don’t believe in hidden prices and endless add-ons - we think our customers should be presented with an all-inclusive price to keep the guessing game out. We know you work hard for our money and you deserve to know how much you’re going to be paying without surprises. 

  • A small boutique company with all 5-star google reviews - we are a small family business with a laser-sharp focus and mission to offer the best overland vehicles with top quality gear for you to escape to nature. We meet with every customer and give them a one-on-one vehicle and gear orientation, so you can feel 100% comfortable and ready for your overland adventure 


  • Highest quality gear on the market - we are convinced that high-quality, durable gear is better for both our customers and our planet. we pride ourselves in offering the best in class camping gear to our customers. From a camping gear veteran SnowPeak to top-quality rooftop tents, awnings, camping furniture, our gear is not just stylish, it’s also functional and high quality

  • Save money - many mainstream campervan companies position themselves as "cheap" or "well-priced". We have completed a calculation for a 7-day rental and here are the results: Escape Campervan rental will cost you $1575, while Cypress Overland rental will cost you $1261. Cypress Overland price also includes prep fee to clean and sanitize the vehicle, Satellite messenger to keep you safe and in touch and Carbon Footprint offset fee because we love our planet. 

Campervan rentals like Jucy RV and Escape Campervans, as well as RV rentals all have one very distinct difference from overland rentals, like Cypress Overland. And that is: you're not really one with nature if you're staying within 4 walls, even of those 4 walls are walls of the van or RV.  One of the main things that we love about overlanding is that it allows you to be outdoors. Sleeping in a rooftop tent gazing at the stars and breathing fresh air has got to be one of life's biggest pleasures. 


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