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High Sierras

Explore remote parts of Yosemite and High Sierras in a fully equipped expedition vehicle rental.

4 day trip


4 days, 3 nights

Start / End

San Francisco

What you will do

Explore remote parts of High Sierras with this adventure and ditch the tourist trails with our curated itinerary. Sierra Nevada is one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world - it's home to the largest waterfall in North America and a mountain that looks like its been cut in half. All you have to do is book and show up. 

What's included


Roof top tent

4x4 vehicle


4x4 offroad driving



Day 1


Catch the sunset over Yosemite valley

Moving time: 3hr 20min, 177mi

  • Explore Mariposa - The Gateway to Yosemite

  • Climb gravel and forrest roads towards a secluded spot on top of a ridge

  • Catch the sunset in a beautiful overnight camping spot on a ridge road overlooking Yosemite

Day 2 

4x4 trail

Climb a mountain 4x4 trail

Moving time : 2hr 20min, 60mi

  • Get an good start to the day with an early breakfast and fresh coffee

  • Learn the art of 4x4 driving while climbing a challenging trail

  • Overnight stay at a camping spot up in the mountains

Day 3

Kaiser Pass Overlanding

High mountain pass road

Moving time: 4hr 30min, 100mi

  • Take a dip mountain melt waterfall

  • Follow scenic California backroads

  • Overnight stay in the mountains with a beautiful panorama view of the High Sierras

Day 4

Hot Springs

Enjoy mountain hot springs

Moving time: 4hr 50min, 240mi

  • Hot springs

  • Velasco’s Mexican Restaurant

  • Return to San Francisco


  • This adventure requires a valid driver’s license

  • Off-road driving experience is highly recommended

  • Camp fire permits required - they can be obtained online before the trip for free

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