Terms and Conditions

Drivers’ minimum age

Our insurance and booking specifies that all drivers must be 25 years of age or older. In order to be approved and verified, all local and international drivers must present a valid drivers license. Unapproved individuals may not drive the vehicle.

Driving limitations

While our vehicles behave well on gravel and forest roads, they are stock and are not designed to do extreme off-roading. We warn our customers against rock crawling and taking difficult trails - the chances of vehicle damage is high, as well as damage to our customers. Your insurance becomes void if we deem the roads you have been driving as inappropriate. Climbing on the roof or bumpers of the vehicles is strictly prohibited - incurred damage will be charged against the security deposit.

Security deposit

A damage deposit of $1000 USD is charged the day of vehicle pick-up. This deposit will be charged in case of damage, fire, any incidents like vandalism or break-ins that results in revenue loss for Cypress Overland.

Cancellation Policy

We have a reasonably flexible cancellation policy - life happens. That means 75% refund up to 7 days before pick up, then 50% refund for the remaining days. All cancellations must be submitted via email to (hello@cypressoverland.com). Cypress Overland reserves the right to cancel an upcoming reservation at our discretion.

Picking up and returning vehicles

Our hours of operation are from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Please plan to pick up the vehicle between 9 am and 11 am. Please plan to return the vehicle by 6 pm so we can inspect it in daylight. Please give us a call/text us if you think you’re running late. The default pick-up place is in our office in Alameda (it's an island across from San Francisco) - we do offer pick-up and drop-off to SFO airport, Oakland airport and San Jose airport for a fee of $170 and charge it as an add-on at the time of your booking.


All our vehicles take regular 87 unleaded gas. You will receive the vehicle with a full tank of gas - please plan to return it with a full tank. If not full, we will use the security deposit to refuel before refunding the deposit. Our kitchen tank runs on propane. Should you run out, please stop by an auto shop to refuel it and we will reimburse you the cost.

Minimum and maximum rental period

Minimum rental period is 3 days, 2 nights. Maximum is 30 days unless negotiated otherwise.

Max miles/day

Every vehicle comes with a 150 miles/day limit spread over the duration of the trip. If the trip is 6 days, your limit is 900 miles. If a customer goes over 150 miles/day limit, every additional mile will be charged at the rate of 35 cents/mile.


Cypress Overland does not provide bedding for the rooftop tents. Two Casper pillows and sleeping bags can be added at the time of booking as an add-on. Please plan to bring your own bedding, like sheets and blanket.


Please use great caution with both the vehicle and the keys. One car key will be provided to you at the time of pick-up. You will be charged $400 USD to replace the key if lost. If you can't locate the key, please give us a call. If you plan to leave the vehicle unattended, please make sure it’s parked in a secure parking area. If the vehicle is stolen while in possession of the renter, Cypress Overland reserves the right to charge the full security deposit amount, lost revenue while the vehicle is being replaces and full cost of the new vehicle.

Roadside assistance

All Cypress Overland vehicles come with Roadside Assistance that’s part of the insurance package you get when booking with us. This assistance is only valid on marked roads. If anything goes wrong on an unmarked road, please contact Cypress Overland so we can help you out. Every vehicle comes with a Satellite Messenger - text us at +1(510)906-7446. Please note that taking back and gravel roads is not always safe - and in the case of emergency rescue, the Driver will cover all associated costs and loss of revenue to Cypress Overland. Please contact us before doing any kind of repairs.


Smoking in the vehicle and the rooftop tent is strictly prohibited. If it is suspected that anyone smoked in the car or the rooftop tent, Cypress Overland will change the security deposit to the amount of $500 USD.


We love animals but some of our customers are allergic to them so we don’t allow animals in Cypress Overland vehicles. If it has been determined that an animal was present in the car, a professional cleaning fee of $200 USD will be charged against the security deposit.

Tolls & fines

The Driver is responsible for all citations, parking tickets and tolls. Cypress Overland reserves the right to change a $25 administrative fee per infraction if notified by authorities of any unpaid tolls and tickets.


Northern California winters are typically mild and rainy, while winters in the High Sierras - around Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe, are cold and have lots of snow. Please exercise extreme caution when heading towards the Sierras in the winter period (between October and July) and ask us about snow chains for the tires. Similarly, if heading to a place like Death Valley National Park in the summer, please exercise caution and bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


We love building itineraries for our customers. If the itinerary is relatively simple and doesn’t include hours of planning, we are happy to do the planning for free. If you need a detailed itinerary for a long trip with multiple destinations and that requires dedicated and long planning, there is a $100 USD fee associated with those itineraries and can be added to the reservation at the time of booking. Please keep in mind that most of California is wild country and road conditions can be unpredictable. Most forests roads will be blocked by fallen trees after a long winter so be prepared to adjust your itinerary based on current conditions.

Roof load

Our roof racks have a weight limit of 800 pounds (380 kg). If the roof rack is returned bent or damaged, Cypress Overland assumes that the weight limit rules were not followed and will charge the driver the fees associated with repair.

Overlanding Gear

We pride ourselves in having top of the line, best quality gear on the market. Every Driver has to go through a detailed orientation on how to use the gear. If the driver proceeds with the rental, it is assumed that it is clear on how to operate the gear and hence, all the damage/loss of gear will be charged to the Driver based on agreed upon rates.


Underground parking is strictly prohibited - due to clearance, in most cases, it will damage the roof rack and the roof top tent. Any damages incurred due to entering a parking garage will be charged to the Driver based on agreed upon rates.

Water damage

Under no circumstances are the vehicles to be driven in the sea, ocean, lakes or rivers with water deeper than the radius of the wheels. Should any water damage occur, the driver will be charged for repairs based on agreed upon rates.