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RV Rental vs Overlanding 

We like to say that overlanding is like an RV but on the outside. If your goal is to go beyond crowds, find secluded dispersed camping spots and experience the best of California without stress - then overlanding is for you. 

Jeep camper rental California.jpg

Lost Coast adventure - Northern California 


"If you're coming through San Francisco for work or pleasure, this is the best easy and unique adventure I've ever experienced. Everything is planned, luxurious and it made us feel so comfortable about escaping into the wilderness without much legwork. 

Ryan N and Alli R., Toronto, Canada

California family getaway

High Sierras, Lake Tahoe - Northern California 

"My wife, 16 month old and myself flew in from Hawaii for a long weekend - Tacoma TRD Pro that we rented was awesome. The rooftop tent was awesome, all the gear included was top notch and there was plenty of space for the three of us. We will definitely be renting another vehicle from Cypress Overland next time we're in California. Mahalos, Cypress Overland - that was a hell of a time"

Priscilla and Daniel S., Kauai, Hawaii

Mile allowance: 

Standard RV: 100 miles a day, with .50 cents per each additional mile 
Cypress Overland: 150 miles a day, with .35 cents per each additional mile 

Generator fee: 

Standard RV: one hour included, with .50 cents for each additional hour 
Cypress Overland: no generator 

Campsite booking: 

Standard RV: average campsite with RV hook-up/night - $45 
Cypress Overland: go anywhere, for free

Daily Rate: 

Standard RV: $225/day
Cypress Overland: $195/day

Gas mileage: 

Standard RV: 10 mpg
Cypress Overland: 16 mpg 

Kitchen and cookware: 

Standard RV: $120 per reservation (2 people) 
Cypress Overland: free and included (4 people) 

Jeep Rubicon rooftop tent.jpg

Why choose Cypress Overland and overlanding? 

  • Go Anywhere! No, really - anywhere. Our very capable off-road vehicles will you off the beaten path and into a wild California adventure 

  • Transparent pricing - no surprises! Our pricing is competitive with other overland rental companies, RV companies, campervan rental companies and even Airbnbs and hostels

  • 5 star average rating - customers love Cypress Overland rigs! They say things like :“I’d give them 6 stars if I could” and “From start to finish, we received the most amazing service”

  • Highest quality gear on the market - we are convinced that high-quality, durable gear is better for both our customers and our planet 

Campervan rentals and overlanding vehicles are very different from RVs. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are large motor vehicles that come with living spaces similar to what you would have at home, like bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Certain bigger RVs may need a special license to drive and can be very difficult to maneuver in campgrounds, on the roads and especially parking lots. Campervans and overlanding vehicles are typically vans or capable offroad vehicles that have been converted into adventure vehicles. 

Of course, all campervans and overlanding adventure vehicles are not created equal. Some are big vans converted into living spaces. Some are like Cypress Overland - capable offroad vehicles like Jeep Rubicon and Toyota Tacoma that are fully-equipped with sleeping area in the rooftop tent, full camp kitchen, a slide out fridge and all the little things like hatchet, shovel and a first aid kit that you need for a fun adventure on the road. 

One of the most obvious advantages of overland vehicles is that its easy to take adventure of wild camping, called dispersed camping within the boundaries of National Forests. . See a road you like? Explore it on a whim in the very capable overlanding vehicle. 

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