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Our love for overlanding was born, nurtured and multiplied during a 4x4 overland safari trip to Kenya for our honeymoon in 2017. Our guide and dear friend, Peter, has shown us how to be fearless when it comes to being outdoors. A year later, the stars aligned - we gave up our corporate jobs on the East Coast and... Read more




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Death Valley

5 day trip

Explore remote parts of Death Valley in a fully equipped expedition vehicle rental.


5 days, 4 nights

Start / End

San Francisco

What you will do

Death Valley is one of the most stunning places on Earth. You will explore its remote areas, eat delicious camp food, share stories over campfire, watching the stars, learn how to take those dark-sky photographs, stargaze while soaking in a natural hot spring, and learn how to drive fun and challenging 4x4 trails.

What's included

Sleeping Area

Roof top tent

4x4 vehicle


4x4 offroad driving


Where you will be


Overnight stay at a mountain lake

Moving time: 5hr 50min, 257mi

Today we need to cover some distance. We will depart from across San Francisco in the morning and journey through the scenic Tioga Pass Road across Yosemite to Eastern Sierras. We will get off the highway onto gravel mountain road to camp overnight by a mountain lake.

 Day 1

Climb on top of sand dunes

Moving time: 3hr 20min, 107mi

We will get an early morning start with a delicious breakfast and a hot coffee. We will pack up our camp and head down to Death Valley back entrance. We will navigate the backroads towards 700' sand dunes that are separated from the tourist crowds. We will get a fire going and enjoy dinner. On a clear night we will see the Milky Way.

 Day 2 

Off road driving

Moving time: 3hr, 29mi

Learn the art of 4x4 driving on a rough 4x4 trail that connects the dunes with hot springs. The trail is 29 miles long. Very rugged all the way through. Vehicles must be able to climb narrow, sharp dry falls. This is usually reserved for experienced 4x4 drivers but with our help anyone can navigate this tricky passage.

 Day 3 - Activity 1

Soak in the desert hot springs

On the other side of the 4x4 trail is an oasis that will invite you to enjoy hot water springs and be a part of a community of open-minded people. 

In the evening we will get a camp fire going and prepare dinner. We will camp overnight by the hot springs.

 Day 3 - Activity 2

Explore abandoned mines

Moving time: 3hr, 48mi

We will cook breakfast, pack up camp and hit the road in the morning. You perfect your off-road driving skills on rugged mine trail that is reserved only for advanced 4x4 vehicles. The trail leads towards an abandoned but well preserved mine that we will explore.

 Day 4 - Activity 1

Ghost Towns

Moving time: 2hr 30min, 58mi

Follow gravel back roads of Death Valley and cross the stateliness to Nevada. Stop by a well preserved Ghost Town and grab a drink  at the saloon and have lunch on the go. 

Day 4 - Activity 2

Eastern Sierras

Moving time: 2hr 40min, 140mi

We will leave Death Valley and head towards Eastern Sierras. We will camp overnight in the high desert and hope to spot wild horses.

Day 4 - Activity 3

Mono Lake & return home

Moving time: 5hr 30min, 255mi

We will get an early start to the day with a good breakfast and hot coffee. We will take backcountry gravel roads to get to Mono Lake.​ We will walk beside the Mono Lake tufas and search for brine shrimp.

Afterwards we will make our back to the city. 

Day 5


  • This adventure requires a valid driver’s license

  • Off-road driving experience is highly recommended

  • Camp fire permits required - they can be obtained online before the trip for free