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Redwoods Coast

6 day California road trip itinerary

Visit the world's tallest trees and discover California's hidden treasures

Start / End

San Francisco


6 days, 5 nights

Travel time

896mi, 22hrs 50min

What you will do

If this trip is not on your Must-Visit list, it certainly should be. You need to walk and experience the coastal redwood forrest. Also capture California "the way it used to be" in a visit to Lost Coast historic towns with rich history and vibrant culture. We build this itinerary based on the route we followed in Sept 2019. Enjoy!


Lost Coast

Day 1 - Activity 1

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Breathtaking, literally. Climbing up to the lighthouse is a good workout and the views from above are so worth it.

Next stop: 30mi, 55min

Hog Island Oyster

Day 1 - Activity 2

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Some of the best oysters on the West Coast are here. Pick up a dozen oysters, a shucking knife and a couple of lemons. Bonus: grab everything to go and head to the nearby beach to have a true California experience. 

Next Stop: 32mi, 50min


Day 1 - Activity 3

Russian House #1

Experience authentic Russian food with beautiful Russian River views. There is a daily delicious buffet of freshly-prepared Russian dishes and you pay what you can/want (bring cash).

Next Stop: 20mi, 40min

Salt Point State Park

Day 1 - Activity 4

Salt Point State Park

Gerstle Cove Campground is a beautiful spot to spend the night surrounded by Cypress Trees. $35 per night, its 30 spots get booked up quickly so make sure to reserve ahead of time. Review photos of campsites and book online here.

Next Stop: 38mi, 55min

Ocean Views

Day 2 - Activity 1

Point Arena Lighthouse

One of the most iconic lighthouses on the American Pacific Coast, it still keeps the light on and guides sailors to safety on foggy days.

Next stop: 45mi, 1hr 10min

Fort Bragg coastal trip

Day 2 - Activity 2

Fort Bragg

Step back in time for a ride through the redwoods on the Skunk Train, take a walk through historic downtown. Grab a beer at Overtime Brewing or a coffee at  Headlands Coffeehouse. Head to Glass Beach.

Next stop: 35mi, 1hr 45min

Jeep Rubicon rooftop tent_edited.jpg

Day 2 - Activity 3

Usal Campground

Follow a forest road through the redwoods towards a tucked away beach. Find a spot on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer with the oysters from Hog Island.

If too windy, drive away from the beach into the forest.

Next stop: 2 hr, 65 mi

Redwoods National Park overland trip.jpg

Day 3 - Activity 1

Avenue of the Giants

Today is a big driving day so have your morning coffee and breakfast and head out bright and early towards the Avenue of the Giants. It’s a scenic drive that gives you a taste of what’s to come - some of the oldest and tallest trees on the planet. Pick up the pamphlet at the entrance and follow the guidance points.

Next stop: 50 min, 47 mi

Eureka California roadtrip

Day 3 - Activity 2

Historic Eureka

Eureka is  home to beautiful Victorian homes. Grab a bite at Brick & Fire or a beer at the Lost Coast brewery.

Next stop: 110 mi, 2 hr 10 min

Jedediah Smith Redwoods National Park_ed

Day 3 - Activity 3

Jedediah Smith Redwoods Campground

This is one of the most stunning campgrounds we know. Book ahead as it gets full quickly. It's closed for the winter reason and if it is, Elk Country RV Resort and Campground is a decent alternative. 

Next Stop: 35mi, 45min

Damnation Trail hike

Day 4 - Activity 1

Damnation Creek Hike

Today is all about this beautiful hike, one of the most stunning hikes in California: Damnation trail hike. This hike is 3.5 miles (or 5.6 km) there and back - make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks. This hike will lead you to a secluded beach where you can rest, have some food and enjoy the ocean view. 

Next stop: 5 min, 5 mi

Redwoods National Park overland rental.j

Day 4 - Activity 2

Mill Creek Campground

Finish the day at the Mill Creek Campground in Del Norte Redwood National Park.

Next stop: 2hr 10 min, 105 mi

Ferndale historic town roadtrip_edited.j

Day 5 - Activity 1


Leave camp bright and early to make your way to Lost Coast. Your first stop is the historic town of Ferndale - some call it "California, the way it used to be". Admire thee Gingerbread Mansion Inn - one of the oldest inns in California. Stop by Champman's Bookery to support a local small business.

Lost Coast overland trip

Day 5 - Activity 2

Lost Coast

Continue along Mattole Road in your 4WD to experience the true Lost Coast. It got its name when it was determined that building HWY1 here was prohibitively expensive. This stretch is spared the tourist traffic and preserves a natural California vibe.

Next stop: 2h 30 min, 74 mi

Lost Coast Overland trip

Day 5 - Activity 3

Shelter Cove

There is a gravel road that connects to Shelter Cove. For a taste of overland adventure - take this road less travelled. But if you are short on time, follow the loop to 101. Grab dinner at Gyppo Ale Mill and watch small planes land right in front of the restaurant.

Next stop: 15 min, 6 mi

Lost Coast roadtrip

Day 5 - Activity 4

Wailaki Campground

This little known campground is a true gem and will only cost you $8.

Next stop: 3hr 40 min, 190 mi

Wine Tasting

Day 6 - Activity 1


Take a walk through historic district, stop by wineries for tasting tours. We like: Matthieson, Turnbull, Barber Cellars Tasting Room and Azari Vineyards if you like the idea of pizza+wine. Craving beer? Stop by Lagunintas Brewing Co. For the best pie you will ever have, head to Petaluma Pie Company.

Next stop: 44 min, 35 mi

Hawk Hill Views

Day 6 - Activity 2

Hawk Hill

Arrive by sunset and catch the most iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.


  • Campsite pre-booking is recommended

  • Off-road driving experience is recommended

  • Camp fire permits required - they can be obtained online before the trip for free

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