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Why has Overlanding become so popular and what's the story on RVs vs overlanding?

The daily grind of the modern world is getting to most of us, right? It’s hard to find an activity that completely relaxes all of our senses and really quiets the mind. We have all heard YOLO and that we have one life and we want to live it - we work hard and hell yeah, we deserve that time off and vacation.

Getting outdoors is certainly the most obvious and exciting way to get away from all the stress. Camping overall is a fantastic way to breathe fresh air and escape light pollution. Camping lets you enjoy the simplest things in life: watching the sunset, meditating to the sound of the ocean, reading a book under a tree, starting a campfire.

There has been a generational shift from RV’ing to overlanding. Overlanding has become one of the hottest trends in tourism because it gives you one thing you can’t get away from in the RV: no walls. There is certainly no sleeping under the skies and being one with nature when choosing RVs.

This is where overlanding in fully-equipped 4x4 vehicles shines. You are IN nature - you become a part of it and as long as your vehicle is correctly equipped (we can help with that), you will find the luxuries of a home that you’re used to like a comfy mattress, a fridge and a full kitchen.

Be the one that got away (from it all)

There is also a pretty big problem of the last mile. Sure, you can take your van or RV to simple gravel roads but real magic happens when you have to take a tough road that requires a capable 4x4 vehicle. Most organized campgrounds are fully-booked months in advanced and won’t feel relaxing if you’re looking for true solitude. Overlanding vehicles give you a chance to really get away from it all (including crowds). What allows to experience complete freedom is something called dispersed camping. It’s not a well-known fact but primitive camping is permitted in most National Forests in the United States. West Coast is abundant with National Forests and is the perfect playground for overlanders.

Daydream. Meditate to the sound of the waves. Find inspiration. Stare at the Milky Way.

Adventure doesn’t have to be complicated and you certainly don’t have to be Indiana Jones to have an awesome outdoors experience. Text us at 510-906-7446 and ask us anything - we are campers and overlanders at heart and we really want you to have the most amazing and easy camping experience. That’s why we give you trusted and safe routes, recipes that we have tried and loved and of course, the most capable and fun overlanding vehicles on the market that are fully equipped to make your vacation epic. Go ahead, feed your wanderlust.

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