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Off-grid living for a weekend

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Escaping the chaotic rhythm of the city. Turning into a forest road. Peace. Quiet. Campfire crackling. S'mores. Falling asleep in the rooftop tent under the stars.

Does the wild call out to you as it calls out to us? Then you're ready for a fully off-grid weekend in California. We'll give our top packing tips - but the main thing to bring is the sense of adventure, it doesn't take up much space!


Firewood: Fireside chats are awesome. In California, open fires require permit that you can get for free online. Some national forests will also require a wood cutting permit. Get the permit here.


Food: Planning meals is a big part of the effort that goes into trip planning. We like to pre-cook and refrigerate the sides, and keep veggies fresh and meats/fish marinated. This way you can enjoy outdoors cooked meals without the extra effort. Our favourite way to enjoy our mornings with minimal cooking is to make overnight oats the night before.

Favourite savoury breakfast: refried beans, avocado, cilantro, eggs, sprinkled cheese on top and - think a breakfast taco.

Favourite painless breakfast: overnight oats - mix rolled oats, milk/vegan milk, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, raisins, berries, chia seeds and maple syrup/honey the night before and leave the in the fridge.

Favourite quick sweet breakfast: Multigrain toast, almond butter, berries and hemp seeds

Favourite sweet snack: Sourdough crisp, hazelnut spread (nutella), peanut butter, berries


Clothes: here is a list of one person’s kit on a single-vehicle, 7 day trip in desert and bush in early summer - night temperatures 5°C-25°C (41°F-77°F), Day 20°C-40°C (68°F-104°F )

Preferred fabrics for layers: wool, cotton or linen, preferably lighter colours if in the dessert or sun. Merino wool is our favourite. 

2 Pairs of long bottoms - i.e. leggings and pants 

2 pairs of short bottoms 

5-6 t-shirts - a mix of long & short sleeves. Long sleeves protect again sunburn and mosqitoes. 

Warm wool socks to sleep in & wear in morning and night - we recommend Bridgedale socks. They combine everything you need in a sock: warmth, comfort and wickability. Bonus: blister protection. 

Layers - vest and a jacket. Hat & gloves in winter months are a must.

Proper shoes - hiking shoes (Scarpa/Merrell), Birkenstocks or Blundstones 

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