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Why Cypress Overland?

Overlanding is growing and is predicted to become one of the biggest travel trends because #roadtripsareawesome - and so is the number of companies that offer vehicle rentals. We have written this article to explain what makes us different - so, Why Cypress?

1. All inclusive price - no hidden fees, no guessing game on what the total will look like. Promise we won't charge you extra for camping chairs ;)

2. Stylish premium gear - from the iconic Japanese outdoors brand, Snow Peak; to crazy cool Front Runner adventure outfitters, we curate the best looking quality camp furniture on the market. We chose Kanz Outdoors for our kitchens - it is my far the most functional and convenient fully-equipped camp kitchen we have seen.

3. Tried and tested itineraries - Once the trip is booked, we work with our customers to plan the road trip of their dreams. So when the customer says "We want to see Yosemite, Death Valley and Big Sur in 8 days" - we work together to develop a day-by-day itinerary with GPS coordinates for overnight stays. We are always on the mission to find awesome dispersed camp spots - every Friday, like clockwork, we venture out of San Francisco Bay Area and explore. We love driving on forest roads and mountain roads, getting lost and found again and finding new dispersed camp spots that we then share with our customers. Our itineraries and road trip plans are free to view on our website because our mission is for more people to get into the wild and re-connect with nature.

4. Amazing add-ons - we want to make your California road trip adventure memorable and easy. We offer awesome add-ons like pick-up and drop off from any Bay Area airport like SFO, San Jose or Oakland. During checkout, you can also add a bike rack for your sport/mountain bikes or additional miles to cover a longer trip.

5. Sustainability - we care deeply about our planet and its well-being. After 2 months of looking for a sustainability partner, we have chosen Project Wren, a SF Bay Area company. Wren is a web app that makes it easy to offset yours and ours carbon footprint. Their mission is to keep building tools that help everyone act against climate change. Every customer will be able to offset their carbon foot print based on the duration of the trip and other factors. We are working on final details and will be rolling out this awesome new initiative within 2 weeks.

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