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Road trip packing tips and tricks

Your Cypress Overland rig comes equipped with everything you’ll need for a full on off-grid adventure: full kitchen, camping furniture (table and 2 chairs), accessories like hatchet, saw and axe, dual burner stove and all the kitchen essentials like plates, cups, cutlery, pots and pans and of course, a rooftop tent. Based on feedback from our past renters, we put together this checklist of extra things that you might want to bring.

Overland rental san francisco
Toyota Tacoma comes with everything you'll need for camping
  • Go for soft luggage like backpacks and duffel bags - it makes packing easier

  • if you’re a local, bring your own bedding: pillows and sleeping bags. Don’t feel like bringing your own or flying bedding to San Francisco? No worries - we supply bedding kits as extras - you can select bedding kits during checkout (comes with 2 pillows and 2 ZenBivy sleeping bags)

  • Stay organized: if you’re going for longer trips, bring a laundry bag to keep your clothes organized

  • Our Tacoma and Jeep both come with satellite radio but if you’re heading for longer trips, make sure to download audio books/podcasts

  • Pack a pair of shoes that’s not hiking boots. We love slip ons Birkenstocks - and also wear them at night with socks on. Easy to slip on shoes are great for wearing around the campsite plus for those midnight pee trips


  • Download Google Maps ahead of time when you still have access to wifi - you don’t want to be stuck in an unknown area without cell signal and not sure where to go next

  • We provide matches but bring a lighter just incase matches get wet for any reason

  • Water bottle to keep on your while driving + another one for hot coffee/tea

  • We provide dish soap, a towel and a sponge - pack your own paper towels towels, shampoo and soap - for showering in campgrounds/hot spring

  • No matter time of the year, don't forget sunscreen and insect repeller


Jeep Overland set up
Cypress Overland Jeep overland set up
  • Get an Annual National Parks Pass - if you plan to travel to more than 3 parks during your trip, you will save money by saving the Annual pass

  • Pack a phone charger - just the cable as each car has outlets Ground coffee for a percolator - each rental comes with one!

  • A large coffee mug with a lid - our Kanz Outdoors kitchens come with standard metal mugs but you might want something fancier to keep your coffee or tea hot on a colder day

  • Picnic blanket - California is famous for scenic pullouts and vistas - perfect lunch spots

  • Layers: California has several different climate zones - for example, high desert areas like Death Valley or Mono Lake can be hot in the day and very cold at night - so layers are key! Don’t forget wool socks, a scarf and a hat. Both pants and shorts. Raincoat and a warm jacket.

  • Day pack for long hikes

  • Books, playing cards, games

  • Hammock

  • Bear spray

Most importantly, don't forget your sense of adventure - it doesn't take up too much room!

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