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Our love for overlanding was born, nurtured and multiplied during a 4x4 overland safari trip to Kenya for our honeymoon in 2017. Our guide and dear friend, Peter, has shown us how to be fearless when it comes to being outdoors. A year later, the stars aligned - we gave up our corporate jobs on the East Coast and... Read more




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Overland vehicle

rental in San Francisco.

Toyota FJ Cruiser has great off-road capabilities with 4WD, comfortable sleeping area in a roof top tent with 2.5" foam mattress, and a full kitchen.

Overland camper

Toyota FJ Cruiser has a pop-up roof top tent that forms a comfortable sleeping area that is easy to setup. This vehicle is comfortable on the highway and off-road.

Camping Gear


Passengers:   2-3

Bags:      2-4


Sleeping Spaces:   2-3

Extra sleeping spaces: 2-3 (with optional ground tent)

This is perfect for

Couples and families of 3 who are planning a longer trip on the Pacific Coast and American Mid West. 


Special Features

Sleeping Area

FSR roof top tent, 2.5" foam mattress, 55"x80" sleeping space

Kitchen Setup

Dual burner stove and Coleman propane, Yeti cooler

Camping Gear

Kitchen table, 2x chairs, 2x headlamps


2 knives, can + bottle openers, silverware for 4, cooking utensil set


First aid kit, 5gal water canister, hatchet, saw, shovel, recovery strap

Cookware Set

Large pot, medium pot, French Press, frying pan, cutting boards, cups



Make/Model: 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Transmission: 5 speed Auto

Power Steering: Yes

Fuel Type: Petrol

Cylinders/Cubic capacity: V6/4.0L

Fuel Capacity: 21gal / 80L + 5gal / 20L

Fuel Consumption approx: 19MPG /  12L/100km

Music: Radio/CD

Powertrain: 4x4, with High and Low range

Rear diff locks


Roof Lights


Roof top tent: 1

Ground tent: 0 or 1

Freshwater: 5gal / 20L, canister

Gas Stove: Yes, Optimus Krux

Gas Bottle: Yes

Fridge/Freezer: Yes, Cooler 45L

Kitchen Equipment: For 2 persons

Puncture Repair Kit: Yes

Tow Strap: Yes

Lantern: Yes

Flashlight: Yes

First Aid Kit: Yes