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Cypress Overland kitchen set-up

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Kanz Outdoors kitchen

Ever since starting Cypress Overland, we always get lots of questions about our kitchen set-up - to be honest, we are pretty proud of it. Having a good camping kitchen is what takes the trip from good to incredible. We decided to outfit our vehicles with a full kitchen that’s a one stop shop - our fully-equipped kitchens come with everything you will need to cook the most elaborate meals outdoors. No more canned soup for days on end (unless that’s your thing!). Dual burner stove means you can make more food in less time.

Here is what the kitchen includes: - 4 soup plates

- 5 regular plates

- 4 cups cutlery: 4 forks, knifes, spoons + bottle opener and can opener

- 2 pots + mesh strainer 1 pan

- coffee percolator

- 3 different size cutting boards

We make sure to stock the kitchen with matches, a full canister of propane for the dual burner stove, dishwashing sponge and dishwashing liquid so all you have to do is cook yummy camping meals.

The Kanz Outdoors kitchen is made of deep drawn marine-quality aluminum for light weight and easy usability. When put on legs, it becomes a free-standing kitchen.

We have made some awesome meals in this kitchen.

Coolers & fridge

Jeep Rubicon comes with the slide-out Engel fridge - it’s a proper battery-powered refrigerator that keeps contents cool 24/7.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro & Toyota FJ Cruiser come with Yeti coolers. Best practice with those is to put a pack of ice in advance to initially cool off the cooler and then put your food & drinks in after.

Happy Cooking!

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