10 Things to know before your 4x4 car camping getaway

It may sound daunting to first-timers, but trust us when we say it's truly so easy to make life on the road, tent and all, completely doable

1. No Rush

Navigator maps may show a short distance of 40 miles to your next destination but you always want to take your time as dirt and gravel roads will likely take longer than expected. That’s not a bad thing - most overlanding routes have incredible scenic beauty - in some places you will be breezing at 30mph and some places you will want to take pictures and take in the views. Leave plenty of time for yourself to get to your next destination, arrive well before sunset to find a suitable place to camp, level the vehicle & to setup camp. Our 4x4 overland vehicle rentals come with 150/mi/day included (with an option to purchase more) - which should be plenty for a quality overland trip.


Plan your overnight camping locations to keep driving time low.

2. Carry plenty of water

We provide 20L (5 gallon) hard plastic canister, which should be enough for 2 day trip for 2 people. Plan on re-filling it when possible. Typically, 5L (1.3 gallon)/day/person is a good amount. You will need water to drink, cook and wash dishes with - it’s always better to have extra. 

5-10L /day/person

when day/night temperatures are 15°C/40°C or 60°F/104°F

30% reserve

try to keep a good amount in reserve and always refill when you can

3. Carry a shovel

Besides getting you out of sticky situations like getting stuck in mud or sand on a California beach, a shovel has so many uses: digging a fire pit, using it for toilet stops, etc. Our overland vehicles come with a folding shovel included in the camping gear set. 

4. Wash your hands

Nothing spoils a vacation like getting sick. Make sure to wash your hands up to your wrists with either soap or dish soap (it works as a regular detergent) after toilet stops in the bush. Especially important when handling and preparing food. 

5. Pack a bug spray

No one wants to share their dinner with bugs, right? All our vehicles pack a bug spray. Make sure the rooftop tent is zipped up at night so you don’t share your night with mosquitoes.

6. First aid kit

All of our 4x4 camper vehicles come with a first aid kit - if you venture out on your own, make sure to pack some of the necessities like bandaids, pain relief pills, antibiotics, wet wipes, antidiarrhoeal medicine, laxative, anti-inflammatory tablets and gel, anti-histamine tablets (for allergies), iodine, cotton wool (sticks and buds), cortisone cream, scalpel with two spare blades, Vaseline, zinc cream, small surgical scissors (in sterile pack). 

7. Stay organized

Keeping the storage boxes clean and organized will save you time and headache. Our vehicles have two storage boxes, one for non-perishable food and one utility box. The utility box will typically have matches, paper towels, wet wipes, toilet paper, recovery rope, battery start cable, hatchet, saw, shovel and a bug spray. 

8. Work through your route before you depart

We help our customers plan their dream road trip and plan the itineraries with them. If you’re venturing out on your own and especially into a new place, plan the route ahead of time - it’s easier to plan at home with internet than with fading daylight in an unknown area.

Pre-download iOverlander, GaiaGPS, and Google Maps - such that you have navigation even without reception.

9. Carry a small axe and a saw

Who doesn’t love fireside chats? A hatchet and a well-sharped saw can help you get a campfire going (don't forget your campfire permit!) Our 4x4's come with Fiskars hatchets and Silky BigBoy folding saw. These saws come from Ono Japan, home of the finest cutlery steel in the world.

10. Pack frequently used things where you can find them easily

Keep the essentials close to you. Like extra clothes, a hat, lanterns and snacks in the car with you instead of the back. 

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